Post –delivery bulge, is all the talk of town today whereas the women in small villages can easily sway their pelvis after a year of delivering a baby.

Why so? Are we blaming only our diets? What about the exercises? Women are blessed to have the capability to reproduce a child. And I think it’s a great boon to human kind. And so getting in shape always gets secondary in opposite to nurturing the new born child, well what we mean is, do not overstress yourself to lose weight immediately, do it gradually and in a more healthy and natural way.

A midst of Hormonal chaos in your body immediately after the delivery, whether normal or caesarean it is always advisable to be wise and get back to normal physiological functions within your body rather than putting yourself in shape and losing some weight. There is a high need of calories and Nutrition while nursing the child. So during breast feeding it is really very important that we are not missing out on balanced nutrition, in order to lose weight. Skipping meals can cause drop in energy levels & inability to handle the baby as well as the mother may also suffer from lot of moods swings, frustration and irritability. However the Weight loss should be started not before 2-3 months of delivery even when desired at earliest.

The calorie requirement of the breast feeding mother is very high, approximately 2000 Calories , some women may even require upto 2700 calories. There is a high requirement of calcium for lactating women approx 1000mg / day to maintain the BMD hence calcium from dietary sources as well as from calcium supplementation initially for the first 3-6 months is required. Also iron requirement and lots of fluid intake is required during lactation.

Breakfast, begins our day and it has to be nutritious to kick start our metabolism and to continue the rest of the day with full energy and vigour. The major three meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner should be timely and other in-between meals should be more of nuts, fruits, milk or any other un- processed items to suffice the daily requirements. Apart from diet, appropriate physical activity is recommended initially and it is better to avoid the rigorous exercises in first 3 months to avoid the lactic acid accumulation.

After 3 months in case of normal delivery and after 6 months in case of caesarean section the Kegel exercises and few muscle strengthening exercises are recommended. Kegel exercises have been shown to be effective in stress incontinence proper technique is important.  How to do Kegel Exercises ? You should contract the pelvic muscles for 10 secs and then relax for 10 secs for 15 minutes four times in a day and it does  not adversely effect their ability to breast fed successfully. Women can be reassured that exercises will promote healing and will give emotional support. Brisk Walks can be started daily to reduce the weight. 

So Friends Weight Loss is important but be patient and plan your weight loss accordingly.

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