# Health Tip 19 of 30 # – How to Curb the sweet craving?

# Health Tip 19 of 30 #

How to Curb the sweet craving? 


*_Why does one crave or long for Sugar?_* 
– When sad and upset
– Before Menses
– If u have long gaps inbetween the two meals.
– Skipping the Breakfast.
– Diabetics having uncontrolled sugars.
– uncertain sleep routine.
*_Certain things that will help u improving your Sugar cravings._*

👉🏻 Boost your happiness hormone ( Serotonin) high by Exercising daily for 30 to 45 mins.

👉🏻 Take a Hot water shower.

👉🏻 Drink Plenty of Water. You may sometimes think that your body is asking for sugar, when in fact it’s dehydrated and actually craving water!!

👉🏻 Stop Straving or Fasting heavily

👉🏻 Diabetics should try and maintain their Sugar levels steady by taking balanced meals.

👉🏻 Have Complex carbs such as Grains, Fruits , Vegetables which has natural sugars and easily digestible.
* * Missing on Complex carbs gives u the cravings for sugar.

🚫 *Eating Sugary foods at night* like chocolate or Sweets or Golas, etc can cause late night Blood Sugar spike increase inturn increase the Stress and may be Sleeplessness.

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