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Kurves n Smiles is a multispeciality clinic where you will have services from Weight management (Slimming ), Homoeopathy, Wellness, Skin care, DMIT (Finger Print Analysis), Meditation, Aerobics all under one Roof. We have specialist Drs for these treatments where all treatments are given under doctors supervision. Our doctors are Dr Trupti Barchha & Dr Hemal Barchha.

Dr. Trupti Barchha


Dr. Hemal Barchha



Clinic Upgradation
As we always believe in upgrading we started with
DMIT -Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test


We launched our website


Clinic Upgradation
The electro stimulator therapies, ultrasound Lipolysis  and all non invasive therapies,  gave us tremendous weight loss results by clubbing with diet and homeopathic medications. we always believed in  upgrading our clinic with new therapies. In 2015 we launched the newer  therapy for Stubborn Fat I.e Cryolypolysis, its a wonderful therapy for real stubborn fats. We assure to all the  customers the best treatments under 1 roof, whether it be Weight Management, Homeopathy for all chronic disorders or Non -invasive Cosmetology.


KnS Shifted its Clinic
It was a new journey altogether though a continuation, our satisfied clients never left us, they followed us and infact they recommended our names to many such clients in need of treatment.


The Journey
The KnS journey started when both of us Dr Trupti Barchha and Dr Hemal Barchha, were already practising HOMEOPATHY, soon our family life started and we had a sweet angel with us Hetvi our daughter born to us in 2007. With her sweetness, our life was filled of joy and happiness. One day it fortunately happened to me when I saw myself in the mirror, I was terrified its not me, inspite of being a Homeopathic doctor as well as a Nutritionist and Cosmetologist, I had gained 17 kgs of weight due to bed rest in pregnancy and like me thousands of women would have lost themselves after delivering a baby.
To bring back the kindle of life and to make each women fit became the realm of our life, where KnS emerged in the year 2009 i.e Kurves n Smiles.


Dr. Hemal K Barchha & Trupti H Barchha
Started Kurves n Smiles
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