foods that keep you cool in summer


With the mercury level rising steeply, the scorching sun has the potential to drain us out completely. By ignoring this, we are putting our bodies at higher risk. People are drinking water like thirsty men in a desert. But in the midst of all this guzzling to prevent dehydration we tend to neglect our diet.
Many feel dehydrated during summer and experience low energy level. Hence, it is important that we should take extra care during the hot season. From eating right to following certain lifestyle changes, we can beat the hazardous impacts of summer.
It contains 91.45 per cent water, it helps in fulfilling your body’s water requirement. Also, loaded with anti-oxidants properties, watermelon gives you a wonderful cooling effect. Better to have water melon than to have the juice of water melon.

Its Loaded with fibre, Cucumber also contains high amount of water content. So, have Cucumber and stay cool during the hot weather.

Curd is not only delicious but also gives a coolant effect to the body. You can have curd in different variants too. Make spicy buttermilk, or sweet lassi. You can also make raita and can eat it with your food. Another option to eat curd is by adding seasonal
Coconut water
Coconut water is the best summer drink. It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It has cooling properties that help you fight against the hot weather

Green leafy vegetables
Having green leafy vegetables around the year gives you numerous benefits. And adding them to your daily diet is also beneficial as green leafy vegetables contain high amount of water content. Remember, avoid over-cooking these vegetables as it could cause loss of water content in them.

You may get surprised to know that onions too provide cooling properties. mix it with lemon and salt and prepare salads. Adding onion to your daily diet also helps in protecting you against the sun-stroke.


Loaded with high amount of water content, it is great to eat melons during summer. They help you in staying hydrated and gives you a cooling and refreshing effect.

Bottle gourd

Its numerous health benefiting properties may make you embrace it whole-heartedly in your daily cooking. Lauki juice has long been hailed by health experts for it medicinal properties. They suggest that consuming bottle gourd juice acts as a hydrating agent reducing excessive body heat – this humble vegetable has close to 96 percent of water content. Lauki is also great for the stomach and light on digestion. It aids in treating conditions like diarrhea, constipation and insomnia.

Lime water

Lime water, our  nimboo pani is another refreshing drink for summer. A glass of lime water provides many health benefits. You can have sweet limewater, can add salt, a pinch of cumin powder to it to enhance its flavour. Lime water keeps you chilled and refreshed all day long.


With water content of 95 per cent, celery contains essential nutrients that keep you going during the hot weather. Celery is also loaded with sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc!



Cold drinks and ice cream

While fizzy cold drinks and yummy ice -creams may seem cool, they actually interfere with the body’s own cooling mechanism!

Coffee and alcohol: Both act as diuretics, which increase urination, leading to an excessive loss of water from the body

Fried foods: Samosa, vada-pav, burger and pizza contain a lot of fat, which on entering the body increases the metabolic rate. This has a thermal effect on the body, increasing its temperature!

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