#Health Tip 17 of 30# – Bed Wetting in Children

#Health Tip 17 of 30#

*_Bed Wetting in Children_*

👉🏻 *_Why Children do Bed Wetting_* ?

Delayed development.
Small bladder capacity.
Sound sleep
Psychological and social factors.
Overactive bladder
Stress/ Anxiety / Fear

Bladder infections, Constipation, and Diabetes can also trigger Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis in children and adults.

*_Diet and Exercise to be followed_*

👉🏻 Cinnamon- make a mixture of cinnamon powder and 1 tbsp of Honey and give this to your child daily morning.
( Alternate with Amla seeds )

👉🏻 Crush Amla seeds and add one table spoonful of honey as well as a pinch of turmeric

👉🏻 2 Walnuts and 5 Raisins at Bed time daily.

👉🏻 Ask your child to visit the bathroom before he or she goes to bed to empty the bladder.

*_Bladder Exercises_*

This is aimed at ensuring that the muscles can undergo stretching to increase the capacity of bladder hence ability to hold more urine and strain not to release Involuntarily.

👉🏻 *_How to do ?_* 
Hold Pelvic Muscles in the position for a period of up to ten seconds, then release . 
After this rest of five seconds, repeat this up to ten times on a daily basis.


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