Variuos Cusines

Follow these Rules :

International cuisine

  • Start with melon or any fruit for low calorie, low fat beginning to your meal.
  • Non creamy soups such as carrot, fresh tomato, light salad with dressing on side.
  • Choose a main course that is grilled  and not served with extra fat as sauce.
  • Choose high fibre rich foods as jacketed potatoes/ whole meal bread/ brown rice with  main course.


Indian cuisine

  • Try to avoid foods that make us of lot of cream and fat
  • Tandoori / grilled chicken without skin
  • Rice dishes as long as not refried
  • Nan or chaptti ( avoid buttered )
  • Raita, Dal


Chinese cuisine

  • Try to avoid foods containing mono sodium glutamate ( MSG) and limit use of haji no moto
  • Avoid dishes which are deep fried or refried
  • Choose a variety of dishes including fish, vegetables, noodles, rice, lean

chicken, beef

Italian cuisine

These types can be very high in fats but meals without sauces are  nutritious

Pastas dishes with fresh tomato / vegetable sauces

Vegetable served without butter

Vegetable pizza only

Avoid fatty meats like salaami, pepperoni.


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